We’re finally reaching an important goal after five years of hard working and involvement; the official opening of Street Art Place- Urban Gallery in Traniello Square in Old Gaeta, the new gallery that, after a year and half of virtual life, becomes a real place dedicated to art, urban languages, to confrontation and to the cultural growth of our land. Street Art Place is a project in wich we of Memorie Urbane strongly believed in, together with the many cities involved in our idea of requalification through art, and now is finally a reality. In this years the online gallery enabled us to support the many festival’s activities, now it becomes a physical place where is possible to widen the expressive potential.

News_gallery_at_work2Street Art Place opens with the vernissage of Isaac Cordal’sWelcome” exhibition, a way to welcome and invite all of you to take part, to share the beginning of a new chapter of Memorie Urbane’s history. We are strongly convinced that Welcome is not just a pretty writing on the doormat, but an invitation to enter, to attend, to feel warmly welcomed. This is our idea of welcoming and this is our official invitation to take part to our venture.

The Spanish Artist’s exhibition “Welcome” will throw you in an international artistic dimension, opening connections and considerations on the relation between man and modern society. With his resin statues, realized in his atelier for “Welcome”, Isaac Cordal will push us to think about ourselves, our habits, our fears, our personal, economic, political battles. A mean, bitter humanity, but absolutely true, product of side effects of a progress just in part real. A society, the one depicted by Cordal, that moves in a exploited, abandoned space, sometimes consumed, that make us think about what we are really leaving for inheritance to who will come next. With his project Cement Eclipses Isaac Cordal imposed himself in the art situation like one of the most promising artist of the contemporary scene and “Welcome” is his first personal exhibition in Italy. Don’t miss this event!

During the vernissage you will also have the chance to take a look and buy Memorie Urbane 2015’s edition catalogue, a volume of 104 pages full of photos and informations about the festival and the artists that worked with us.
We are waiting for you on March the 13th 5:00 PM, at Street Art Place – Traniello square, Old Gaeta. Don’t miss!

“Welcome” – Isaac Cordal’s exhibition from March the 13th to April the 17th 2016
Opening Time: Saturday 3:30PM– 8:00PM Sunday 10:30AM -1:00PM / 3:00PM – 8:00PM
Possible visits on demand calling: +39.349.0567388